DownEast Basics As Maternity Wear? Here’s How I Do It!

Santa Monica Maxi Dress, Turn Back Time Tunic, Pretty Parisian Dress

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I continue to wear DownEast Basics’ non-maternity clothing on a daily basis! (Although after looking at these photos, I think I might retire the Pretty Parisian Dress until after the baby comes…)

Have you ever used DownEast apparel as maternity wear? If so, tell us which items!

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  1. I wore the camis through my pregnancy! Worked great!

  2. Don’t slam your body — I think you look great in that dress! Be proud of yourself and how beautiful you look!

  3. I love the tunic!

  4. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I wear a Downeast basics undershirt nearly every single day. (I wear them without being preggo too) I love your clothes and can’t wait until I’m skinny again to buy more of your jeans! :)

  5. I’m wearing a ton of tops from last fall/early spring that are DownEast and I’m also 30 weeks. A lot of the tunic tops with the waistband at the bottom work fantastic! :)

  6. I did for awhile but everything was waaaaay too short in the front by the time I was 30 weeks! That’s why it would be fun to have the maternity line back; maternity shirts and dresses are cut longer in the front to accommodate the big belly so your hemline doesn’t end up six inches shorter in the front compared to the back. :D

  7. Yeah, luckily I’m short so I haven’t really had that problem with the DownEast dresses, but have had that problem with other dresses in my closet :)

  8. Oh no, I didn’t mean that I didn’t like my body… I just think the dress was a little tighter than I like it across my chest… and didn’t realize until I looked at the photo. And thank you for your kind words!

  9. I loved the undershirts when I was pregnant, and ESPECIALLY loved this one black silky dress with flowers across the neckline (I think it was maybe called the perfect flowers dress?). It has a little box pleat in the front that was perfect for accommodating my belly. It was awesome!

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