DownEast Basics Wants You to LIVE for Pink!


On September 10, DownEast will officially launch its fifth annual “LIVE for Pink” sales event. Through October 14, 2012, customers can purchase special limited edition “LIVE for Pink” tees and DownEast will donate 50 percent of the sales – up to $25,000 – to charitable organization grant recipients. These organizations have each been selected to receive contributions to support their work relating to breast cancer awareness, education, assistance for victims and other endeavors.

Through its previous “LIVE for Pink” events from 2008 through 2011, DownEast has raised over $88,000 in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the campaign, we will highlight on our blog the charitable organizations we’re supporting with your help!

DownEast’s limited edition of the LIVE for Pink tees are available online and in DownEast stores.

Thank you for helping us to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer through this year’s LIVE for Pink event!

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Author: Kathy Cabrera

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  1. Lifting Hearts thanks you from the bottom of OUR hearts for the grant that will help us continue to offer support to the breast cancer survivors in Utah. :)

  2. We’re so happy to support you and involve you in this year’s program!

  3. The Colorado Breast Cancer Task Force thanks you for your support of the Colorado Breast Cancer Resources Directory. Through the generous support of DownEast Basics and other sponsors we are able to continue to provide this free resource to those who need it.

  4. Thank you! We’re excited to have you involved this year!

  5. Thank you Downeast for supporting The Rack Pack! We are so grateful!!! It’s awesome the way you guys are helping local charities!

  6. On behalf of the Arizona Institute for Breast Health (AIBH), thank you DownEast for your support! As a 17 year survivor, I cannot express how much your help means to AIBH and to the women who are fortunate enough to come through our program.

  7. It is our pleasure and honor to support you! Thanks for the opportunity and the amazing impact AIBH makes on women experiencing breast cancer.

  8. Thank you for supporting Colorado Breast Cancer Coalition. The funds will assist our organization in changing the mindsets of everyone from breast cancer “awareness” to demanding an “END” to breast cancer!..
    2020 Breast Cancer Deadline!

  9. Thank you Darlene. We’re honored to support your organization!

  10. The Board of Directors of Bosom Buddies-AZ wishes to thank you for your generous donation. These funds will allow us to continue to offer valuable support and education to those diagnosed wiht breast cancer in Maricopa COunty, AZ.

  11. It was an honor to select you as a grant recipient this year – we commend you for all you do for those experiencing breast cancer.

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